How do I track my order?

Once you placed an order the system generate a transaction id. Please note that transaction id to make further correspondence easier. It take 2 business days to put your order into production, we send an email with your tracking information such as tracking number and carrier, you may track your order online on the carrier website then. We recommend creating an account with us for all your purchases that’s how you can have your transaction number saved automatically.

How can I contact your couriers?

As soon as your item is released for shipment, we send an email with tracking number and carrier name. You may contact the courier services with this information directly or call us for help.

What are your delivery options?

We have various delivery option, depends on the location of warehouse, date and time of order, delivery destination. Customers are not allowed to choose delivery options company select the delivery option based on various factor to make the delivery efficient and effective. If you need a particular method of delivery please contact customer services. We will try our best possible to make arrangements.

How my payment will be refund after a return?

Once we receive a timely return (within 14 days), the item will be QC for any defects, after approval from QC we process the refund in the same manner we received and processed your payment.

Do you provide International delivery?

The Answer is yes, we do provide the international delivery based on your location of order, the item ship from nearest location subject to availability. Please note some countries require extra shipment charges which must be bear by the customer and will be charged on your purchase. Also note the delivery time may be vary depending on the courier time from warehouse to destination.

How do I return an item?

It is very simple, upon receipt on an item, there is a return form attached, please fill that form and read the instruction on the back of the form. You are requested to please take good care of returning item any damage to the item may cause cost to you. You may contact the customer services for more information and questions.

What is your returns policy?

We have 14 days return policy from the date of delivery. If you are planning to return an item please return in within 14 days. You should have drop a return shipment to any courier services on or before the 14th day from delivery. Please give us a call as soon as you want to return the item and let us know. You are also requested to please make sure that you took good care of the item in your possession.